To buy & sell, manufacture, refine, manipulate, import or export and deal in all chemicals whether directly or indirectly connected with the manufacture of any fertilizer, medicines, pesticides, appliances, instruments of surgical of chemicals materials or any other product as herein specified or otherwise, or with the preservation of  packaging of the same and all insecticides, fungicides, medicines, roddenticides and other chemicals for crop protection purposes, domestic insecticides disinfectants, public health products and chemicals and natural and chemical fertilizer of every kinds and all other articles compounds, ingredients and products or other things of any description as aforesaid. To set up and maintain industries for manufacturing Organic fertilizer and other fertilizers thereof.

To carry on the business of multi-purpose Agro-based Complex, Fish Farming, Poultry Farming, Poultry Hatchery, Poultry Feed, Dairy, Fisheries, Duckers, Agriculture farming, Cultivation of all kinds of Agro-food, Plantation of seeds, Nursery, Hatchery, Import, Export Marketing local or abroad and distribution to the farmers at reasonable rate. Fish farm, Hatchery for Carp Hatchery, Shrimp Hatchery, White Fish, Prawn, Lobster, Crabs, Cultivation and exporter of various types of fishes, Prawn, lobster, shrimp, Crabs, tortoise, sea-fishes, dry-fishes and for the preservation and processing of shrimps and other fishes of both fresh water and sea water.

To carry on the business of Poultry feed, Dairy feed, Animal feed, cheek feed, fish feed, all type of Dairy, poultry & fish medicine, export-import, marketing and distribution. To manufacture and process fish meals, fish feedings and poultry feedings for the live-stocks and other poultry products of all kinds and for the purpose thereof to establish, acquire, obtain, import, export, install and maintain any existing or new factories, laboratories, chemicals, packing and packing materials, plants, machinery or any equipments, trawlers, parts and accessories thereof.

To establish marketing and Cow, Goat, Sheep and Buffaloes and make provision of their breeding freezing, packaging supplying in the local markets and abroad and all kinds of concerned business. Agriculture, Psciculture, Horticultural farm, Vegetables, Mashroom cultivation Processing, Packing Marketing to local & abroad. Flower plantation and seed production, processing of vegetables, flowers and fruits. Establishment of packaging & canning industries for local market requirement & for exports & undertake allied industries. To carry on the business of the products poultry and fish hatcheries, poultry farming, dairy farming, fish farming, agricultural farming,  pisciculture, horticulture and marketing the products thereof.

To setup an Industry & carry on the business of manufacturing of all sorts of Agro-based reagent, and related items. To carry on the business of Layer Farms, Pullet raising Farms, Broiler Farm, Parent stock farm. Establishment of Hatchery, Egg Processing, Broiler Processing. Dairy Farming, Processing of Milk, Milk Products, Butter, Cheese, Gee, Ice- Cream, Chocolate & Candy, Milk Freezing, Milk Powder and their by-products with quality Packaging, Supply and Sales in the local market and abroad and to Sell, Import and Export of Cows and Calves and make Provision of their Breeding.

To carry on the business of Carps, Shrimp & prawn Hatchery products of all kinds of carps Fry, such as Rui, Katla, Mriga, Pungus, Sharputi, Koi, Silver Carps and also for fry production of Macrobracium rosenbergii and to Import or otherwise procure penaeus monodem required Machinery, equipments and accessories /spares for the purpose. To manage transport facilities, deep-freeze vans, trolley for proper marketing of the farm products. To carry on the business of Import, Export, Suppliers, Agents, Broker & Manufactures representative of all sorts of Agro-Industrial Equipments & Suppliers and Agro-based reagent and related instruments.

To set up industries or industrial project to Manufacture, export, import of all sorts of Agro Feed and its product anywhere in Bangladesh or Abroad. To carry on the business of all kinds of Fish & Agro feed export, import, supply, marketing and distribution. To carry on the business of Agricultural farming, fisheries, Hatcheries, Psciculture, Horticulture, Mushroom cultivation, Forest & Tree cultivation, Private forest, Nursery, dairy farming, fruit gardens, Milk chilling plant, Vegetable farming, Tea cultivation, Poultry farming and to acquire lands and to develop them for the said purpose or purposes.

To attain the business objectives, the company may enter in partnership, joint venture, take over, or amalgamate with any other company and to take loans from Bank/Other financial institutions in such a manner as may company thinks fit.

To mortgage the property and assets of the company as securities for loans/or any credit facilities to be given to any associate company or companies or third party and also to give guarantee securing liabilities of such associate company or companies and/or third party.